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Avoiding and Preventing Eczema with the Eczema Diet

There are many eczema treatments out there that people have tried that don’t work or are costly.  Many people have never heard of the eczema diet but for people who have eczema and have tried it, claim that results are incredible. This particular diet has been receiving a lot of interest yet there are still many unanswered questions, we wanted to take the opportunity to offer information not only about the diet but about eczema as well. The more a person can become educated about both the easier it would be to make the right choice as to effective treatment.


What is Eczema?

Before going over details of the eczema diet, it would be important to learn about the causes and symptoms of eczema.  Interestingly, in Greek, the translation for the word eczema is “to boil out”, which is fitting considering that medical professionals from ancient times felt the skin looked as if it were boiling in people who suffered from this condition.


There are many forms of dermatitis although not all of them are eczema. However, of all the different types of eczema, all are dermatitis. All types of eczema look the same which includes tiny vesicles filled with fluid. These small structures are red, swollen, and eventually break, allowing the fluid to ooze out and the sore to cruse over. Unfortunately, for lesions that are older, the vesicles typically harden so diagnosis of eczema can be a little trickier, but is still possible.


Keep in mind that in addition to the more common form of this skin condition called eczema dermatoses, there are other types that include the following:


  • Allergic Contact Dermatitis


  • Asteatosis Pompholyx


  • Fungal Infection


  • Irritant Dermatitis


  • Nummular Dermatitis


  • Scabies Infestation


  • Seborrheic Dermatitis


  • Stasis Dermatitis


Causes of Eczema

As far as causes, most medical experts agree this is an inherited condition since different abnormal immunologic findings have been identified in people with eczema. However, there are many things that can trigger an outbreak to include those listed below:


  • Soaps and detergents made with harsh ingredients
  • Low levels of humidity
  • Clothing and fabric made from wool and similar materials
  • Staphylococcal Bacteria
  • Frequent instances of getting skin wet and then drying it


Symptoms of Eczema


Below are the more common symptoms that a person would experience with this skin condition but also symptoms that would benefit from the eczema diet.


  • Intense itching
  • Red and raised rash
  • Burning sensation
  • Extreme dryness
  • Vesicles that break open and ooze fluid, followed by becoming crusted over
  • Thickened areas of skin as a result of scratching or rubbing


Overview of the Eczema Diet

There are several eczema treatments that have been tried to  get the problems of eczema under control but also prevent outbreaks.  One of the more effective treatments has been the eczema diet. . In addition to being rich in nutrients, this diet is completely natural. For thousands of years, people have depended on certain foods, spices, and other edible ingredients to combat illness so it makes perfect sense there would be an eczema diet built on the same concept.


Although the eczema diet has become incredibly popular among people who prefer to avoid taking prescription medication, this diet would work for virtually anyone with eczema. The interesting thing about the eczema diet is that it uses food alone.  In addition to an individual not taking prescription medications, no botanicals or herbal ingredients would be consumed either.


The eczema diet focuses on overall health but for this, only fresh and organic foods would be consumed or foods that had been modified but only minimally. This means that anything containing synthetic or isolated compounds would be avoided, to include things that have been proven healthy such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. The belief with the eczema diet is that by consuming only fresh and organic foods, a person not have a problem with eczema and they would experience relief from other illnesses as well, since this would correct any deficiency problem.


The philosophy behind the eczema diet is for a person to literally eat their way to better health. With this diet, the focus is on adjusting a diet by fine tuning foods being consumed, to avoid an outbreak of eczema or any other illness, to find balance in foods being chosen whereby the body as a whole becomes balanced, and to adopt healthy lifestyles. Because the eczema diet is different from others, it takes the body time to adjust, and through this detoxification healing occurs, which in return clears up and prevents problems of eczema.

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